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Why Stephen Curry Won’t Win Another ChampionshipNBA

The 2016 NBA finals were one of the greatest showdowns in history. The two best players were lined up on the opposite sides and were looking forward to being crowned the new champions. Lebron James of the Cavaliers and Steph Curry of the Warriors were the stars of each team. Steph had an amazing run, and many were hoping he could help the Warriors snatch the victory after the competition. James is a known star in the NBA, and people were expecting some great show in the match. It was amazing how the Warriors took a 3-1 lead only to lose the final 3 games to the Cavaliers. It was the first major victory for the Cavaliers after a very long time. Thanks to Lebron James.
While the star of Steph Curry was the talk during the whole season, his failure to win the Cup with the Warriors has inflicted some reactions. There are many who expect that Steph will never reach the same heights again. Here are some reasons why it will be difficult for him to show the same performance again.

The Warriors are a well rounded team. The buildup of the Warriors to win the championship was a revolution to the whole squad. The whole build up of the play is done by all players who participate in the game and create some space to shoot. For most players, it becomes very hard to score when the opponent is tight defensively. It will be difficult for a single player to shine in such a case.

Social media distractions. Curry knows winning a championship with any team is not easy. He has tried to keep his eyes and mind in the game for a long time. Nevertheless, there are effects caused by the media which have an impact on the kind of game that is played by anybody. It could greatly affect the game and have a negative influence on his career.

Lacking strength. The Warriors as a side lack the physical strength which many teams in the league have. This cost greatly during the finals because they could not move past the defense which was very tough for them. Even with the inclusion of Kevin Durant to the side is not enough to provide the offense strength that is required to have better results in any major playoff.

Shots are not effective in the playoffs. The main strength of Steph against many players in the league is his shooting ability. Last season saw him set a new record of scoring three pointers and even going beyond to break his record. The shooting ability of this player is something that many envies because it can come to save a team when the minutes are dying. In some cases, however, the competition is very tight such that the performance expected is not possible to create the space where you can make such a direct shot. This makes it impossible to score for the side.

Tough road in the playoffs. The Cavs had it rough during the playoffs. Despite the home court advantage they had, they failed to capitalize on the strength and fell to defeats from  Portland and  Houston. It is important that the team wins most games in the playoffs so that it is ready to face the opponent who will reach the finals in good shape.

Live by three, die by three. Steph has an amazing shooting ability. In most games where he played, he relied heavily on the three-pointer shots which in some ways worked out well. nevertheless, there are chances that when he missed he could have scored two points with the team mates or with a simple lay-up.

Are the 2016-17 Golden State Warriors the Best Offensive Team in History?

Judging by the highest average of points per game the 2016-2017 Golden States Warriors are not the best offensive team in the history of the NBA. While thus far the Warriors are leading the league in points per game, averaging 119.3, they fall short of the highest average of all time. The all time regular season highest PPG average of 126.5 belongs to the 1981-1982 Denver Nuggets. The Warriors from the 1961-1962 season rank second with 125.4. The 76ers from the 1966-1967 season rank third with 125.2. The Boston Celtics squad during the 1959-1960 season averaged 124.5. The 1959-1960 Celtics are followed by the 1983-1984 and 1982-1983 Denver Nuggets, in which the team garnered an average of 123.7 and 123.2, respectively.

The Nuggets scored most of their highest scoring averages during the years that Alexander English and Kiki Vandewegh played and were a pair of high scoring forwards. Yet, during these years the Nuggets never won an NBA Championship or a Conference Championship. The Warriors from 1961-1962, who were based in Philadelphia at the time, had Wilt Chamberlain, one of the greatest scorers in the history of the NBA. Yet the Warriors went on to loose against the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals. In that season Chamberlain famously scored 100 points in a single game by himself. The Celtics from 1959-1960 had a high scoring squad of Bob Cousy, Bill Sharman, Tommy Heinsohn, and Bill Russell. That year the Celtics lost to Bob Pettit and the St. Louis Hawks.

I would rate the 1966-1967 76ers as not only the best offensive team of all time, but the NBA’s greatest squad of all time. This team also had Wilt Chamberlain dominating at center. However, this team also sported a supporting cast that brought the 76ers to the championship. Hal Greer, Billy Cunningham, and Chet Walker provided exceptional scoring capability to the team. Alex Hannum, who had succeeded Dolph Schayes at the beginning of the season, guided the team to a 68-13 record. This was a team that had depth. The depth allowed them to continue to be great without the team star. The 76ers of that season were able to power themselves past Bill Russell and the Celtics, who had won eight championships in a row, to defeat the Warriors in the Finals.

The 2016-2017 Warriors, coached by Steve Kerr, have a great offense. However, it is far from the greatest ever. Three players average of twenty points a game, so far this season. Kevin Durant, who at Forward averages 26.2 PPG is followed by Guard Stephen Curry and Guard/Forward Klay Thompson who average 25.9 and 22 PPG, respectively. With Durant and Curry carrying much of the offensive burden the team is highly vulnerable. The squad lacks depth. If any injuries or otherwise should take these two players out of the game, the Warriors would suffer greatly and likely have a loosing season. A truly great offense has depth to it and can rely a host of off the bench players to back up the stars and starting five.

So far the Warriors are at the top of the Western Conference, with a 20-3 win-loss record. The Warriors also have the best record of any team in the NBA, in the 2016-2017 season. In their last three games they have averaged 121 PPG. As any good teams should they play their best with home court advantage. They average 123.9 PPG at Home and 115.2 when Away.

Who Are Steph Curry’s Top Competitors For NBA MVP in 2016-17?

Westbrook likely NBA MVP 
While Stephen Curry is having another phenomenal season, NBA fans could be surprised to find out he’s not the front runner when it comes to the NBA MVP race. Although Curry is averaging almost 26 points, shooting nearly 50 percent from the field and 40 percent from the the three point line, there are several reasons why I doubt the MVP trophy will rest, yet again, in the hands of Curry at the conclusion of the season.

1.The NBA is absolutely stacked with talent, more so, perhaps, than ever before. There are currently 8 players ahead of Curry in the scoring leaders’ column.

2.The Golden State Warriors are so absolutely stacked with offensive fire power, and dominate against opposing teams with the highest point differential in the league. Curry often sits the entire fourth quarter averaging only 33 minutes per game, lowest among MVP front-runners.

3.With Klay Thompson averaging 22 per game, and the addition of Kevin Durant averaging 26.2 points per game, there are simply not enough shots to go around. Last week Thompson scored 60 in one game, and while the versatility in the scoring department is what makes Golden State such a front runner to win the NBA title, it doesn’t help Steph rack up the ridiculous scoring numbers that could lead him to yet another MVP. While Steph is a once in a lifetime shooter and unique talent such as the league has never seen, there is a strong argument that he may not even be the best player on his own team, never mind the entire league. Now let’s look at some of the other players in the league vying for the coveted NBA MVP title.

For the San Antonio Spurs, Kawhi Leanard brings a combination of offensive and defensive versatility in a 6’8 frame that’s rare even in a league of world class athletic prowess. Kawhi also plays on a Spurs team that boasts an 18-5 record which helps him in the MVP race as the trophy historically goes to a player on a title contending team. Kawhi is 3rd in betting odds to win MVP at 6:1.

James Harden for the Houston Rockets is a prolific left handed scorer. Harden ranks fourth in the league in scoring at 28.5 points per game and first in the league in assists with 11.4 dimes a night, perhaps a surprising stat for a player who in the past has been criticized for his reluctance to distribute the ball, and tendency to take bad contested shots. His growth as a player is evident, and he is 2nd in MVP betting odds at 5:1.

Lebron James, arguably the most dominant natural talent in the history of the game, finds himself in a similar position as Curry. Leading a dominant Cavs team, often sitting long minutes at the end of games due to blowouts, this minimizes his stats and chances for MVP. At 7:1 Lebron is 4th in MVP betting odds.

The resounding favorite to win the MVP, Russel Westbrook for the OKC Thunder, could be the first player since Oscar Robertson to average a triple double. Westbrook is a phenomenon of athleticism and his 31 PPG, 10 boards and 11 assists make him a 2:1 favorite to win MVP. My advice: Bet your house, and at the end of the season you’ll have 3 houses. Barring Westbrook doesn’t get injured, Steph won’t get his 3rd straight MVP, but he may get his second title. I’m sure he is good with that.

2016-17 Golden State Warriors Roster Breakdown

Golden State Warriors enjoyed an incredible run in 2015-2016. The new season is fast approaching, and fans have high expectations for their team. There are new additions to the team like Ja Vale McGee among others. Other stars are expected to be joining the side to complete the 15-man roster before the season start. These starts are Damian Jones and Santa Cruz who missed the previous season because of injuries. I hope the team will enjoy another season and give us outstanding performances as history is written in every game. Here are some estimates on how the players could take part this season;

Steph Curry
Curry won the NBA MVP last year. The average mpg were 34.2 last season. The estimates for this new season is 34mpg. There is no reason to think Curry will play fewer minutes that he did. He will be deployed to play the 4th quarter in most games.

Klay Thompson
I think he was an active player alongside Steph Curry last season. He has potential to score more when given more playing time. Last season, he had an average of 33.3mpg. The estimates for the 2016-2017 period are 33mpg and above. He will get more play because of his offensive capabilities which are vital for getting the results.

Draymond Green
Green is a veteran center who carried much weight in the last campaign. The team is looking to have him take less play time and rest more. In the playoffs, there were signs of fatigue and slowness in action. Having played a major part in the success last seasons with an average of 34.7mpg, he is expected to play less. The coach plans to have him in the game fewer times with a mean time of 30mpg.

Kevin Durant
Durant was a top signing for season 2016-2017. He was vital in the Thunder side last year where he played many minutes to help in scoring for his former team. His body is quite fatigued having worked extra hard in the last seasons. The upcoming season will see him take less time in the play with an average of 30mpg. The coach knows how useful he will be to the Warriors and more rest time will help him regain his previous form.

Zaza Pachulia
The Warriors have two great centers. Zaza is a perfect sub for Green who often appears in the starting five. His play is impressive and given more chance, am sure he is going to surprise many because he’s got pace and strength. The new season will not be much different from the last season where he had 20mpg. The statistics look the same for the upcoming season.

Andre Iguodala

His defensive matchups and maturity make him the first off the bench player. He got more play time last season adding to an average of 26.6mpg. He will have 20mpg this season because of the injuries which have left his body unfit for more workload.

Shaun Livingston
He enjoyed a good game in the playoffs where he came off the bench. He shows signs on getting better with age and more play time. Last seasons he had 19.5mpg. Despite the sharp display, he will get 15mpg this time round because of competition from Patrick McCaw.

David West
Many staff members are loving the display by West and find him better than Mo Speights. Despite having more time on court last season, the minutes have reduced to 12mpg. If he impresses more, the coach will have no choice but give him more chances.

Kevon Looney
Looney is a player who had the most gain from the offseason roster changes. Despite missing many opportunities, it is possible to improve and reach his full potential. There will be an increased game time from 4.2 last season to 10mpg in 2016-2017.

Ian Clark
In the few chances he got last seasons, he showed excellent control in the offense and got to the rim. He has good shooting and jumping abilities that will see him get at least 8mpg.

Patrick McCaw
He plays a vital role in the team as a defensive stopper. There is much love from Kerr, and many will want to see him play. Having not played last season, he will get an estimated 8mpg this coming season.