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2016-17 Golden State Warriors Roster Breakdown


Golden State Warriors enjoyed an incredible run in 2015-2016. The new season is fast approaching, and fans have high expectations for their team. There are new additions to the team like Ja Vale McGee among others. Other stars are expected to be joining the side to complete the 15-man roster before the season start. These starts are Damian Jones and Santa Cruz who missed the previous season because of injuries. I hope the team will enjoy another season and give us outstanding performances as history is written in every game. Here are some estimates on how the players could take part this season;

Steph Curry
Curry won the NBA MVP last year. The average mpg were 34.2 last season. The estimates for this new season is 34mpg. There is no reason to think Curry will play fewer minutes that he did. He will be deployed to play the 4th quarter in most games.

Klay Thompson
I think he was an active player alongside Steph Curry last season. He has potential to score more when given more playing time. Last season, he had an average of 33.3mpg. The estimates for the 2016-2017 period are 33mpg and above. He will get more play because of his offensive capabilities which are vital for getting the results.

Draymond Green
Green is a veteran center who carried much weight in the last campaign. The team is looking to have him take less play time and rest more. In the playoffs, there were signs of fatigue and slowness in action. Having played a major part in the success last seasons with an average of 34.7mpg, he is expected to play less. The coach plans to have him in the game fewer times with a mean time of 30mpg.

Kevin Durant
Durant was a top signing for season 2016-2017. He was vital in the Thunder side last year where he played many minutes to help in scoring for his former team. His body is quite fatigued having worked extra hard in the last seasons. The upcoming season will see him take less time in the play with an average of 30mpg. The coach knows how useful he will be to the Warriors and more rest time will help him regain his previous form.

Zaza Pachulia
The Warriors have two great centers. Zaza is a perfect sub for Green who often appears in the starting five. His play is impressive and given more chance, am sure he is going to surprise many because he’s got pace and strength. The new season will not be much different from the last season where he had 20mpg. The statistics look the same for the upcoming season.

Andre Iguodala

His defensive matchups and maturity make him the first off the bench player. He got more play time last season adding to an average of 26.6mpg. He will have 20mpg this season because of the injuries which have left his body unfit for more workload.

Shaun Livingston
He enjoyed a good game in the playoffs where he came off the bench. He shows signs on getting better with age and more play time. Last seasons he had 19.5mpg. Despite the sharp display, he will get 15mpg this time round because of competition from Patrick McCaw.

David West
Many staff members are loving the display by West and find him better than Mo Speights. Despite having more time on court last season, the minutes have reduced to 12mpg. If he impresses more, the coach will have no choice but give him more chances.

Kevon Looney
Looney is a player who had the most gain from the offseason roster changes. Despite missing many opportunities, it is possible to improve and reach his full potential. There will be an increased game time from 4.2 last season to 10mpg in 2016-2017.

Ian Clark
In the few chances he got last seasons, he showed excellent control in the offense and got to the rim. He has good shooting and jumping abilities that will see him get at least 8mpg.

Patrick McCaw
He plays a vital role in the team as a defensive stopper. There is much love from Kerr, and many will want to see him play. Having not played last season, he will get an estimated 8mpg this coming season.