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Why Stephen Curry Won’t Win Another ChampionshipNBA

The 2016 NBA finals were one of the greatest showdowns in history. The two best players were lined up on the opposite sides and were looking forward to being crowned the new champions. Lebron James of the Cavaliers and Steph Curry of the Warriors were the stars of each team. Steph had an amazing run, and many were hoping he could help the Warriors snatch the victory after the competition. James is a known star in the NBA, and people were expecting some great show in the match. It was amazing how the Warriors took a 3-1 lead only to lose the final 3 games to the Cavaliers. It was the first major victory for the Cavaliers after a very long time. Thanks to Lebron James.
While the star of Steph Curry was the talk during the whole season, his failure to win the Cup with the Warriors has inflicted some reactions. There are many who expect that Steph will never reach the same heights again. Here are some reasons why it will be difficult for him to show the same performance again.

The Warriors are a well rounded team. The buildup of the Warriors to win the championship was a revolution to the whole squad. The whole build up of the play is done by all players who participate in the game and create some space to shoot. For most players, it becomes very hard to score when the opponent is tight defensively. It will be difficult for a single player to shine in such a case.

Social media distractions. Curry knows winning a championship with any team is not easy. He has tried to keep his eyes and mind in the game for a long time. Nevertheless, there are effects caused by the media which have an impact on the kind of game that is played by anybody. It could greatly affect the game and have a negative influence on his career.

Lacking strength. The Warriors as a side lack the physical strength which many teams in the league have. This cost greatly during the finals because they could not move past the defense which was very tough for them. Even with the inclusion of Kevin Durant to the side is not enough to provide the offense strength that is required to have better results in any major playoff.

Shots are not effective in the playoffs. The main strength of Steph against many players in the league is his shooting ability. Last season saw him set a new record of scoring three pointers and even going beyond to break his record. The shooting ability of this player is something that many envies because it can come to save a team when the minutes are dying. In some cases, however, the competition is very tight such that the performance expected is not possible to create the space where you can make such a direct shot. This makes it impossible to score for the side.

Tough road in the playoffs. The Cavs had it rough during the playoffs. Despite the home court advantage they had, they failed to capitalize on the strength and fell to defeats from  Portland and  Houston. It is important that the team wins most games in the playoffs so that it is ready to face the opponent who will reach the finals in good shape.

Live by three, die by three. Steph has an amazing shooting ability. In most games where he played, he relied heavily on the three-pointer shots which in some ways worked out well. nevertheless, there are chances that when he missed he could have scored two points with the team mates or with a simple lay-up.